Consciousness – what arises from


There is no God. We shall start this essay by saying this. I write WE, but it’s only me who is writing these words. Nonetheless my knowledge and ideas are built on the efforts (in all directions – not even only on those related to the topic) of many thousands of humans that have come before. These words are destined for a few alone though, who might take from them much more than what a text could possible convey.

For whom it may concern. Why do I start by stating such a thing? I believe you should be aware of such before reading further – at least you have to be aware that that is my belief.

When we take into consideration a God that is an individual entity, above all, omnipresent, self conscious and self driven with objectivity and morals, that God, cannot exist. We will see though, the role such a God can play in the outcome of human business. You see, some people use the idea that a God is watching you, that everything you do is in a way to be weighted against you, both the good and the bad (If we look beyond humans and into some other mammals, specially primates we’ll see that there’s a sense of justice, empathy and probably ethics at play in their social relationships, so a conscious idea of God isn’t needed nor abstract thought, still, the kind of ethics of humans go beyond that of sharing equally, they have much more subtleties and repercussions – so please bear with me)

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Meditation – extensive thoughts on it

in Lyon

in Lyon

It’s been about 4 years since I started practicing Transcendental Meditation daily (with a few exceptions). Before having decided to learn this specific technique, which is extremely easy and can, if you will, be learnt by yourself, I had tried meditation many times, through other simple techniques (such as meditation through the following of your breathing) in an intermittent fashion.

My interest in meditation comes from a long time, the first time I did it objectively I had 16 years, much by influence of esoteric doctrines. The interest was always there although I never practiced it in this continuous fashion until 4 years ago.

I have never written about the subject before (the original in portuguese was written and shared in April, 2013) but I have talked about it with several friends and acquaintances and today I decided to write my ideas about meditation, with special attention to Transcendental Meditation. I will start by mentioning some thoughts based on other persons opinions and works and then share my own.

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