Madrid – Marina

So I asked Marina to write a small text about Madrid and here it is:


Cities tell stories about the people who live in them through their streets, buildings, squares, sounds and silences, parks, colours.

In Madrid streets are full of cars and showcases, squares are made of asphalt without any bench to sit, sounds (and noises) are so many and there’s so little silence, parks, points of rest, those things that allow us to remember what is clean and fresh air. Madrid is grey, blue, yellow, orange, red and, sometimes, so black. A city center that’s increasingly less historic and less unique: everything it has to see are shops and fast food restaurants; everything it has to do is taking photos, buy and eat. Another result of the globalization without limits.


So…how do we live (and survive) in Madrid?

These last years of economical and social crisis have made life much more difficult due to this actual situation of alienation of our survival capacity by ourselves. Because of that many people joined a lot of different social movements (although there is still a long way to become an aware, participatory and involved society). Many projects with so many people supporting them, looking for something more, for a different way of organization and connection between all. Assamblies, occupy buildings, cooperatives, associations etc  fill the city with life and the hearts of so much people. The road is long, and, even more with the stronger repression  day after day above us.


Moreover, another piece in this complex reality is that Madrid is and is not India, Morocco, Romania, Ecuador, Senegal, Colombia, China, Kenia. Is and and at the same time isn’t, because the joining of these migrant people and their lifes is not easy. In spite of the fact that there are some neighbourhoods where it has reached a high level of integration, there are a lot of fences in our politics and in our minds that make the migration of people another problem instead of a good thing.

At Lavapies neighbourhood.

At Lavapies neighbourhood.

As a result of all these aspects, I think Madrid has a real need of breaking down limits and “explode” all the rage held by millions of smiles fighting for a better life in a better society…




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