The beginning of a journey

Hi world!

I’m a photographer and artist and I’ll soon start a trip through Europe, documenting people, landscape, architecture and whatever else I find compelling.

I live in Portugal, so it makes sense I start in Lisbon, which is a very beautiful city and quite worth a visit. If you come here, make sure you enjoy the city and the people, the food and the views, more than the traditional touristic places.

I’ll be there from the 4th of April until April’s 8th, I’ll then catch a flight to Madrid and spend a few more days there. After that I’ll probably travel through inter rail but who knows what the future holds? The idea is to go through all European capitals but if my funds allow me I would like to visit other cities and places as well.

Keep tuned if you want to check my adventures, ramblings and ideas. This trip will be used as an experience for writing about the European Union, I’ll be visiting friends who live outside Portugal, some of them with whom I’ve grown up, others I’ve met throughout my life in different circumstances and contexts. I also intend to do some couch surfing for the first time! So I’m sure it will be fun.

I’ll write about several topics along the way but will focus on mostly on photographing and documenting what I see and perceive.

Btw, I’m Micael Nussbaumer and I was born in Sweden. Hope you join me in this adventure!

I’ll leave you with some pictures I made while at Padova, doing a Leonardo DaVinci internship. This was a personal project where I photographed people who used bicycles in their daily routines.

I hope you enjoy it!






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